What I’ve learned

One of the newest things I learned last week was the high and low pressure, one interesting fact about the fronts, and the clouds.  I learned that if there is low pressure then there will be severe thunderstorms, and things like that.  In high pressure it’s light right,drizzles, and things like that.  I also learned that there are more then 3 types of clouds: Stratocumulus, Nimbostratus , Altostratus, Altocumulus, Cirrostratus, Cirrocumulus , Cumulonimbus.  One of the most interesting facts I learned last week was that the way the symbols on the front are facing is the way it is moving.  So you see I have learned a lot last week.  Hope you guys are learning in school too.


My favorites.  I will talk about my favorite sport, food, and color.this will help you, the reader get to know me a little better.

First, color.  Well, my favorite color changes everyday depending on how the day goes.  If it goes bad it would be black or blue.  So, basically I have many different favorite colors.

Now, food.  Like color, I’m not very decisive on food I love all of them, I just love eating in general.  So, just like the color, I don’t have a favorite food.

Last of all, sport.  I love all sports(except a few of them), but my favorite would have to be basketball because I’ve been playing this sport for 5 years and I can’t just let it go.  So, I decided to pick basket ball as my favorite sport.

Hope you learned a little bit more about me!

How do we know what the Earth’s interior structure is like when we can’t see it?

       We use many different ways eathquakes and the shifing of continents are on of them.  We also use something called seismic waves and cool and hot reagions.  Seismic waves are basicially the waves that make earthquakes happen are .  Now I’m going to tell you how we use seismic waves to figure out the earth’s interior.

       There are two types of seismic waves, P waves and S waves.  P and S waves can both travel through solids(which they both move fastest through) but the P waves can also move through liquids. Based on the path it takes we can tell the liquid and solid layers.  So, if the S Wave broke of in the middle of the planet and the P waves slowed down then that means that there is a liquid layer in th middle of that planet.

Games Coming to Life

One day this little boy was playing his video game.  It was basically a medival game with all the swords and medival stuff.  Suddenly the whole city’s power turned off but he was still playing his game.  The screen started to buzz and then…BOOM!  Horses lew out of screen and the whole world turned just like his game.  He was dressed up as his favorite charater and was destined to save the world……(please and on to this story)

Challenge 3 #6

By the end of the ten weeks i would like for my blog to be evened out.  The coloration, the material,even the theme has to be even with everything else. I would to include sidebars that would me manage my data.  Like things like the cluster map,if not a lot of people visit I have to do a better job.  Things that will keep me organized and basically tell me what the do’s and dont’s.

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